Friday, February 8, 2008

ABA Disaster Relief Doing A Great Work

May I just take a few lines to say that Marvin Jackson and the ABA Disaster Relief group has done an amazing work. Marvin doesn't miss a beat. He and his team are right on with where the need is. They have organized well and implement their resources to the limit. We need to really get behind this ministry and support it. It will be an excellent means by which to show hurting people that we love them and care for them. Let it be a means to win the lost and show them Jesus really cares.
May God multiply your ministry Bro Marvin.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately our home suffered major damage due to Hurricane Ike. We live in Pearland Texas and are members of Alvin Missionary Baptist Church under the direction of Bro. Darrell Streeter. The ABA Disaster Relief crew including Bro. Marvin Jackson came to our home with three others on his team. With the help of many of our church family they covered our roof in places we had not been able to and they cut down two huge trees that were damaged in the storm.
This program was such a blessing to us and we appreciate them so very much!
Jeff and Monica Teague
4113 Wells Drive
Pearland, TX 77584